How we make sure your intimate wax goes smoothly

Before booking an intimate wax you should ensure that your chosen salon specialises in intimate waxing. It should be a simple treatment with minimal discomfort, and when done properly it shouldn’t cause unnecessary pain and soreness. It’s extremely frustrating for us to hear from customers who have been put off waxing by a poor experience. A quick internet search shows how common this is, which can easily be avoided by coming to Purely Waxing for your intimate wax. If you book in with one of our friendly professional technicians you won’t be disappointed as at Purely Waxing we specialise in intimate waxing. We offer Hollywood waxing, Brazilian waxing and basic bikini waxing, and we’re happy to tailor any of these to suit you. All of our treatments are carried out to a standard our customers are very satisfied with, as you can see from our many positive reviews.

Putting you first

At Purely Waxing our priority is to ensure you leave happy with your waxing experience and pleased with your newly smooth skin. From the moment you contact Purely Waxing we check what you want from your waxing treatment and make sure you get answers to any waxing questions you might have - there’s not a lot we don’t know about waxing!

During your appointment the same applies. We’ll let you know what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. For those trickier areas we’ll work with you to find a position that you’re comfortable with, ensuring your technician can efficiently remove your unwanted hair. We also like to get to know our customers, so we’re always happy to make time to chat before or after an appointment, but we won’t be offended if you need to get off!

Technique and experience

Intimate waxing treatments, like Brazilian and Hollywood waxing, are Purely Waxing’s most popular treatments. Low quality wax can stick to skin as much as hair, and poor technique — such as improper direction of wax removal, not keeping the skin taut enough, and waxing areas multiple times — can all contribute to unnecessary soreness and bruising. In extreme cases inexperienced technicians can even cause skin tearing. Purely Waxing uses the proper techniques and high quality wax to avoid causing bruising and soreness that comes from poor technique and low quality wax.

Some of our customers have suffered unnecessarily during waxing treatments at other salons, with the salon, or technician, wrongly blaming it on the customer having particularly sensitive skin. They then find that an intimate wax performed properly at Purely Waxing causes little or no discomfort. While it’s nice to set the record straight about intimate waxing for these clients we’d be much happier if you don’t have to suffer first!

If you can’t get to Manchester to visit Purely Waxing for your intimate wax, please, please check that the salon you are going to performs intimate waxes regularly and that you’ll be treated by an experienced, qualified waxing technician. A beauty salon may perform the occasional leg wax, but that’s not the same as performing many intimate waxes every week as we do at Purely Waxing.


  • All spatulas are single use. Double dipping (putting a spatula back into the wax for a second use) causes the wax to become contaminated and can spread infection, so we never use a spatula twice.
  • Wax is kept at the correct temperature. If wax is too cool it can allow bacteria to grow. It will also be difficult to spread and will cause pain from pulling at hairs and skin. Too hot and it can be uncomfortable and even cause burns. Our technicians always test the temperature on themselves first, they’ll then test a small patch on you confirming that you’re also happy with the temperature.
  • Our technicians wear gloves for all waxing treatments. Even well cleaned hands, and especially fingernails, can harbour bacteria that if transferred can lead to infection. Follicles with recently removed hair are vulnerable to bacteria. Wearing gloves ensures that no bacteria is transmitted.
  • Equipment is sanitised with barbicide. All equipment, such as tweezers and scissors, are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised in barbicide ready for use on the next customer.